Friday, December 19, 2014

There are very few people you can go to for advice in the fields of legal referral, doctor referral, medical and legal financing, real estate, and marketing. Sure, some people know about one or two of those niches, but there are not many who are experts in all of them. Camilo Concha is one of those individuals.
After studying at CalState Northridge, Camilo attended USC and studied business management. He then went on to found several of his own businesses in Southern California. Based in Sherman Oaks, Camilo's offices are on Ventura Blvd, near the 405 Freeway.
As Camilo's time is extremely valuable, consultation for marketing, business, or real estate advice is on a contingency basis and must be scheduled far in advance of a meeting.
If you are looking for tips or advice on buying or selling property in Los Angeles, or you need a lawyer or a doctor, Camilo has developed businesses specifically for those purposes.
Marketing Holdings is the flagship company and umbrella for several different brands in various niches.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Concha. Camilo Concha.

As the owner of several companies based in Sherman Oaks, California, Camilo Concha is extremely busy, but despite his hectic schedule, he still takes time to be an active member of the community and gives back whenever he can. He has been honored by both the San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce as well as the California State Assembly Office for his contributions to local communities.

Camilo Concha has been a member of the Beverly Hills chapter of the Young President's Organization, a global network created to help connect successful young chief executives. Founded in 1950, the YPO currently has more than 22,000 members in more than 125 countries.

Another organization that Camilo Concha participates in is Karma International. Karma International is a private social organization exclusively for entrepreneurs, philanthropists, business owners, leaders, adventurers, experts, and connoisseurs living and working in dozens of companies around the world.

The flagship company for Camilo Concha is his marketing firm, Marketing Holdings. But he also has created extremely successful companies in the fields of lawyer referral, doctor referral, medical and legal financing, and real estate.

Attorney Search Network is a massive database of Bar-certified lawyers from nearly every legal field, so customers that are looking for legal representation but do not know where to start can get expert advice as well as referrals for trustworthy, reliable, and licensed lawyers.

1800mysurgeon is similar to Attorney Search Network but instead of legal referral, it connects individuals with AMA-certified doctors and cosmetic surgeons. was created to help those with no credit or bad credit who cannot afford costly cosmetic procedures. helps those in need of funds to pay for legal representation.

DAIGroup is Camilo Concha's real estate company that specializes in revitalizing distressed assets.

Monday, September 8, 2014

As the owner and CEO of a number of companies, Camilo Concha is a very busy man. From his large office in Sherman Oaks, California, Camilo Concha conducts business on a global scale. Whether it is the founding of a new venture, the acquisition of a competitor, or the closing of a multi-million dollar distressed assets real estate deal, Camilo Concha is constantly working towards one unified goal: to build businesses that offer solutions.

While Camilo Concha was attending Cal State Northridge, he started working for the San Fernando Bar Association. It was there, as a Spanish-language receptionist, that Camilo Concha learned that there was a large need for a reliable, trustworthy, and simple attorney referral service. That was what led him to create the Attorney Search Network, By offering a diverse network of hundreds of Bar-certified lawyers from nearly every legal field, Camilo Concha was able to provide a digital solution for a real world problem. This simple concept would guide him in his journey to establish his other companies.

The next company Camilo Concha would found would be similar to Attorney Search Network only this time, it would be in the field of doctor referral. My people looking for a cosmetic surgeon have no idea where to start looking and it can be difficult to know if a doctor is reliable or trustworthy. Camilo Concha developed 1800mysurgeon so that those looking for a reputable cosmetic surgeon would be able to confidently find the right doctor for them.

After establishing companies to fill the need for Attorney and Doctor referral, Camilo Concha realized that the next logical solution for those who used his services was funding. That's what led him to create and Both services assist those that are in need of financing for their legal defense or for cosmetic procedures that would otherwise not be covered by insurance.

On the backs of these successful companies, Camilo Concha created Distressed Assets Investment Group, or DAIgroup. This real estate company specializes in revitalizing distressed or undervalued properties and has turned many in-peril properties into profitable returns.

Camilo Concha has many professional affiliations with the American Bar Association, the California State Bar, the American Fair Credit Council, and the International Association of Debt Arbitrators. Additionally, Camilo Concha has been a member of the Beverly Hills chapter of the Young Professionals Organization for over 5 years and all of his companies hold top ratings from the Better Business Bureau.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

About Camilo Concha

Camilo Concha
Camilo at Los Pinos, the residence of the President of Mexico
With only $300, Camilo Concha and his family moved to the United States from Colombia. He was 14 years old and didn't speak English. He was enrolled in an ESL program at Chatsworth High School and was advised by his teacher to consider enrolling in a trade school in lieu of college because his English skills were so under-developed. His teacher told Camilo Concha that he would probably be in his mid-twenties by the time he'd be able to graduate.

But Camilo Concha had already made up his mind that he wanted to go to college, so he ignored his teacher's advice. Four years later, he would be honored by the California State Assembly and become one of the youngest graduates from Chatsworth High.

While in college, Camilo Concha got a job working part time as a receptionist for the San Fernando Valley Bar Association. He was one of the few Spanish-speaking receptionists working there and spent most of his days helping Spanish-speakers find appropriate legal representation.

Camilo Concha and Vicente Fox
Camilo with Vicente Fox, President of Mexico
It was there, in the year 2000, where he came up with the idea for Attorney Search Network. Camilo Concha felt like the process could be simplified, modernized, and streamlined, so he developed the now famous web search engine to help clients connect with lawyers.

He started the business out of his small studio apartment, but he knew that to be taken seriously, he would need a respectable address for his office. So he spent one afternoon visiting office buildings along Ventura Blvd trying to find a place that would rent to him. He met with an agent and she asked him what his budget was. He sheepishly told her "$200". She smiled and told him to come back tomorrow.

When Camilo Concha returned, his new office was ready for him. It was a former janitor's closet that had been repainted the night before. The office was so small, he had to leave it to take calls.

From this small, windowless, poorly-ventilated room, Camilo Concha went to work, slowly building the Attorney Search Network until it had expanded to the point where he need to hire employees. He was going to need a bigger office.

Almost 15 years later and Camilo Concha is still on Ventura Blvd, but he's no longer in the janitor's closet. His flagship company, Marketing Holdings, occupies an office of 8,000 sq ft on one of the upper floors of the Comerica building in Sherman Oaks, California.
Camilo Concha with Alvaro Uribe
Camilo with Alvaro Uribe, former President of Colombia
Now, Camilo Concha is the President and CEO of a number of different companies that each provide a valuable service to customers seeking to improve their lives.

Attorney Search Network features a database of over 400 lawyers covering nearly every legal category.
1-800-My-Surgeon helps people get matched up with the right cosmetic surgeon. 1800mysurgeon only works with fully insured, board-certified doctors, to ensure the safety of every client. offers assistance to those with no credit or poor credit that need help paying for their medical procedures. helps people pay their legal fees.
The DAI Group is Camilo's real estate investment firm, specializing in distressed assets.

Another one of Camilo Concha's specialties is having an eye for interior design. His decorating skills have helped close the deal on several multi-million dollar real estate deals and Camilo has been featured in multiple episodes of the Bravo TV show, Million-Dollar Listing.

camilo concha with certificate of appreciation from the City of Los Angeles
Camilo receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Los Angeles
Camilo Concha strives to adhere to the high standards set forth by the regulatory agencies for each field of business he operates. He has professional associations with the Better Business Bureau, the American Fair Credit Council, the American Bar Association, the California State Bar, and the International Association of Debt Arbitrators. He has received an Award of Excellence from the California State Assembly and Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Los Angeles.

Camilo Concha is also a member of the philanthropic organization Karma International and enjoys working with the Beverly Hills YPO.

In his free time, Camilo Concha enjoys watching his son compete in swim meets, traveling to Vegas to see boxing matches, and listening to the music of Julio Iglesias.

Camilo Concha and President Bill Clinton
Camilo (far right) with Former President Bill Clinton